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“Midwives are exceptional! Always a good experience.”

Dory H.

“Dr. Crowther has been my OBGYN for 13 years. Her bedside manners are superb. She has an amazing personality & is always so cordial. She is very empathetic with any concerns or issues I have ever had& I truly have never felt rushed. She has always taken time to explain anything I might have questions about. I highly recommend Dr.Crowther!”

Antonia P.

“I switched to this practice as a midwife only patient when I was pregnant with my second child.  My first child was delivered with what I now consider an unnecessary c-section and I was determined to have a VBAC.  All the midwives were extremely supportive and took the time to answer my many, many questions.  I usually was seen within a few minutes and never waited longer than 30 min (which was fine with me).  The front office staff was easy to work with and I didn’t experience what some of the other negative reviewers did.  I ended up delivering my baby with Michelle, the newest midwife on staff.  She was incredible and helped me achieve my desired VBAC!  I will also say that the hospital was great, during delivery and postpartum.  I had  had the first child at VHC about four years ago and I definitely noticed lots of good improvements in the nursing staff care.”

Nikki H.

“I have been going to him during one a half years and I am very satisfied with his services. He is very capable and a smart Doctor. His sense of humor is not for everybody but it fits very well with my personality. I enjoy going and seeing him for whatever concern I have related to my health.”

Veronica Z.

“I’ve been seeing CNM Debbie Smith for a few years, and I just cannot say enough about her. Aside from being an excellent clinician, she is genuinely a caring provider, which is difficult to find these days. She always starts the appointment by asking about ME as a person, not a medical record, and she remembers that I like to travel, where I work, that my hair was different during my last visit.. and then always begins and ends the appointment with a big hug. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a provider in my life.

Additionally, the front desk staff is always pleasant and I never have to wait long for an appointment and they’ve never been late in all the years I’ve been going. I would (and do) recommend this practice, and specifically Debbie, to all of my friends!”


“Moving 5,000 miles across the world from Hawaii to Virginia is stressful enough. Add in the fact that I was in the third trimester of my second pregnancy when my family made this move and you might begin to imagine the level of anxiety I was feeling when I found Arlington Women’s Center. I had really wanted to deliver with midwives, so AWC seemed like the natural choice for our family and I was accepted as a midwife only patient. I felt that they truly took the time to learn my history and build a relationship with me and my family even though I was already 30 weeks pregnant at the time of my first appointment. I saw each of the three midwives in the practice a couple of times prior to giving birth and felt comfortable with all of them. They consistently provided professional and compassionate care and were completely supportive of my desires for the birth and my birth plan. My husband was even allowed to catch the baby, which will always be one of the most special moments of our lives and our son’s life! When delivery day came, I felt that both midwives who attended me during the course of labor were as excited as I was to be welcoming my baby and provided excellent care and support throughout the my labor and delivery. Michelle was the one who was present at the time of delivery and encouraged me to listen to my body and let it do its thing while giving me different positions and techniques to try during the most difficult stages of labor. Bottom line, I felt totally supported throughout the whole process. The front office staff was always friendly and professional and the care I received from the nurses and midwives truly helped to put me at ease during the stress and uncertainty of a cross country move and switching maternity care at the end of pregnancy. I will definitely continue to come to the midwives at Arlington Women’s Center for all of my women’s health needs and will not think twice to use them again if we decide to have any more children in the future. Thank you Debbie, Karen, and Michelle for the care and support during this pregnancy!”


“I had to find a new Ob/gyn after moving to the area. This office had good reviews and is associated with a hospital. When I called to make an appointment, it was quick and easy.

I saw Dr. Rossi. We began by having a chat in his office before I moved to the exam room and had an annual gyno exam. The whole process was fast, but I felt all my questions and concerns were addressed. It was my first time seeing a male doctor, but it wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable at all.”

Review from Angie's List

“Best GYN exam I’ve ever had. Dr. Crowther introduced herself, made me feel very comfortable, and was quick and efficient. No one wants a long GYN exam! She was not in a rush and seemed to genuinely care about my concerns. She also wished me luck on a huge test I have coming up, which meant a lot to me. GREAT DOCTOR! She reminds me of my own sweet mother.”

Review From RateMDs

“I switched to this practice 6 years ago after multiple cold interactions at another local practice including what I believe was an unnecessary C-section in retrospect. Karen King CNM is the best but I have liked every other doctor in the practice as well. I was able to have an amazing 2nd pregnancy even while being considered high risk for part of it and had the successful VBAC I had been hoping for. 6 years ago at my postpartum visit from my C-section I was told by CWC that they generally do not do VBACs and they would be scheduling by next C-section when I was 38 weeks pregnant with a future child. AWC and Karen King took the time to listen to my health history and felt open to a VBAC which helped me feel comfortable that either way my 2nd baby was born that I had the support I needed.”

Leah C.

“I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Crowther. She guided me through several very anxious moments over the years, always with extraordinary calm and compassion. The office policies are a throwback to the 80’s (no email, all staff lunch break from 12-1 every day, no way to leave routine messages or requests for callback), and while this can be frustrating, I would deal with it every day and twice on Sunday to get the level of care I receive from Dr. Crowther and her colleagues.”

Review From Healthgrades

“She is the best with a great heart such an amazing woman with a big smile. God bless her.am very grateful for her she done for me I have been her patient since 2010. Love her”


“Under the ACA, the amount I pay depends on what kind of visit. Dr. Crowther is part of an office with several doctors, and before I switched to see her in my 40’s, I had seen another Dr. in that office. I have been a patient for more than 10 years: always good experiences. Sometimes I wait longer, sometimes I don’t. I never mind waiting since I know the other women ahead of me also need the same thing I do: time with the doctor. I know that when Dr. ‘C’ is with me, that she is focused on me, and that’s what matters. We’ve dealt with everything. Dr. ‘C’ is whom I reported the lump that turned out to be cancer (2011). Dr. ‘C’ got me an appointment with my breast surgeon and followed my case until it ‘ended’. She’s the one I turn to for all thing ob-gyn related, and I trust her completely. Office staff changes over the years, but Dr. ‘C’ hasn’t, she’s still top notch.”

Review From RateMDs

“I found Dr. Crowther to be very nice and knowledgeable. She saw me everyday in the hospital for a week after I had GYN surgery and sometimes twice in a day. She was pleasant to the hospital staff, residents and interns which had nothing but good things to say about her. When I had complications outside GYN specialty she was quick to call in specialists instead of trying to go outside the realm of her specialty. She follow up with me on all my test results immediately. I’ve referred my friends to her and also like her. I feel fortunate to have found her because I’ve had poor experiences with other OB-GYN in the past.”

Review From RateMDs

“I love the doctors and midwives at Arlington Women’s Center.  They have always supported me with my birth plans and when those plans go awry, they are always there for me.  Dr. Rohn has an amazing bed side matter and I would definitely go with her again if I had to have surgery.  Karen and Melissa are awesome midwives and I wish I had them in my birthing room.  Their prenatal care was top notch and so warm.  I highly recommend this practice.”

Jo H.

“Dr. Crowther delivered my first baby in June 2015.

This practice is simply wonderful! All of the providers strive to make you feel like a person, rather than a number. They are always friendly, incredibly compassionate, and very laid back. This practice won’t feed into your fears or concerns about pregnancy; instead, they alleviate them! Dr. Crowther was so loving and kind during delivery and just took control of the situation. I never for a moment felt anything other than incredible gratefulness that she was my doctor. The office always runs on time. Would recommend this group to anyone and everyone. Love, love, love Dr. Crowther and the other doctors/midwives here.”

Review From Angie's List

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