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Un-Medicated Childbirth Class Options

Class Options for Couples Who are interested in/or considering an Un-Medicated Birth

  1. Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Un-Medicated Classes
  2. Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group Refresher
  3. Jen Wood Family Ways
  4. Emelie Stein Family Ways
  5. Lindsey Vick Sunflower Healing and Wellness
  6. Ravae Sinclear
  7. Stephanie Cruse Mama Chakra
  8. Elizabeth Oldham Creating your Calm
  9. Lamaze Style Classes offered by the Breastfeeding Center (pay attention for the Lamaze style classes, not the ones for having a baby at GW)
  10. Beach Rose Birthing Adrienne Dykstra


Postpartum Doula Resources

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