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You’re Pregnant, What’s Next?

Scheduling initial OB:

Congratulations! You’ve confirmed your pregnancy, now it’s time to seek prenatal care. Here at Virginia Hospital Center Physician Group we start our prenatal care with initial blood work and initial ultrasound to confirm your due date and confirm pregnancy is healthy thus far. At this visit, you fill out initial medical history forms that allow us to prepare for your first provider visit.

At approximately 10 weeks pregnant you will be scheduled to meet with one of our providers, a doctor or a Nurse-Midwife. At this visit the provider will welcome you to the practice, review your medical history, answer as many questions as time allows and conduct a physical exam. This is usually the only physical exam during pregnancy. This visit usually takes about an hour to accomplish tasks mentioned above.

Partners/significant others are welcome at visit so we can help answer questions you both have as well as discuss some first-trimester education points.

Routine prenatal care schedule:

  • Blood work and initial ultrasound is usually completed around 7 – 9 weeks pregnant.
  • Initial OB/first prenatal care visit is usually completed around 10 – 12 weeks pregnant.
  • Routine prenatal visits from 12 – 28 weeks occur once per month. One visit every 4 weeks.
  • Routine prenatal visits from 28 – 35 weeks occur twice per month. One visit every 2 weeks.
  • Routine prenatal visits from 35 weeks until delivery occur once per week.
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